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 Event Agenda 2016

Date Event Place
March  Hinamatsuri-Girl`s Festival County Library Brasov
March Japanese Speech Contest  Bucharest 
Aprilie Different school week Musashino Center & Brasov County Library
June Tanabata- Star Festival Musashino Center
September 5~14 Japanese Arts for Children and Young people  Brasov & Rasnov
November 1st Lesson about Kimono Brasov County Library
Nov. 3st Animation Projetion Brasov County Library
Nov.11~12 Tea, Origami & Shodo Workshops  Sibiu
Nov. 20 Etnovember Bastionul tesatorilor

Event Agenda 2009

Date Event Place
March 8 Hinamatsuri- Girl`s Festival  Unirea Shopping Center
March 14 Japanese Speech Contest  Bucharest University
March 19~22 Book and Music Fair  Transilvania University
June 14 Spice`s Fair  Weavers` Bastion
June 16 Concert- Hirai Takeichiro & Hirai Motoki   Army House
June 27 Tanabata- Stars Festival  Central Park
October 16 Reopening Ceremony of the Musashino Center  11, Oltet Street

Event Agenda 2008

Date Event Place
 February 23  Tea Ceremony Demonstration  Tea House
 March 1  Hinamatsuri- Girls` Festival  Musashino Association
 March 15  Japanese Speech Contest  Bucharest University
 March 27-30  Book and Music Fair  Transilvania University
 Iuly 5  Tanabata- Star Festival  Sfatului Square
October 25 Tea Ceremony Demonstration Okian Book Shop



2013.11.05 Meeting with the students of Meisei University form 4:00 p.m.

2009.12.01 National Day of Romania - Musashino Association is closed.

2009.10.15~12.04 Japanese class subscription.

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